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Introducing the New Era Bullet System

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Universal 510 Thread

Ceramic Atomizer

Designed for CBD & THC

- We are New Era -

- We are New Era -

The New Era team was formed by a group of engineers and cannabis industry veterans from Orange County, CA. We have always loved the convenience of 510 cart systems, but were growing tired of the inconsistent quality and lackluster aesthetics of the current products in the market.

So we decide to make our own.

After 9 months of engineering and thousands of tests, we finally created our first product: the New Era Bullet Cartridge. We utilized the most advanced atomizing and airflow systems and an iconic bullet design to preserve the integrity of the terpinoid profile, delivering exceptional taste and user experience.

A New Era of cannabis vaping has begun!


Device Features

We have superior tech. You can taste and feel the difference.
Food Grade Atomizing Core

Subversive microporous ceramic fabrication and innovative "chip-scale" cutting process not only restores the resistance of the real smoke, but also stabilizes the taste.

Dual Air Flow Design

No more weak pulls! Whether your battery utilizes a button or not, Dual Air Flow design creates a silky smooth and ultra satisfying draw every time.

Buttonless Responsive Heat

No need to preheat your oils with a button. Our 330 mAh batteries are insanely responsive providing you with instant satisfaction from the very first draw.

Long Lasting Battery

Be the hero at every party, gathering, and festival with a device that stays charged up and ready to share. Our small, yet powerful batteries can last up to 7 days with one charge.



See why our customers love vaping with the Bullet!

I have sourced and tested many different 510 thread cartridges and batteries for our CBD brand and can say without a doubt that the New Era devices are superior in taste, feel, leak resistance and overall experience. No more burnt taste, leaking or cart burnout and our customers are thrilled! You really can taste the difference.

Brody Shemansky

Co-Founder, Hara Flow

Where can consumers purchase New Era Devices?

For all non-wholesale related orders, you can find our batteries and cartridges available for purchase through our official distributor’s online platform VPM.com. 


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